About me

I joined the Brexit Party because I was disgusted with the way that Parliament was ignoring the decision of the electorate to leave the EU. This has broken the fundamental system of democracy in this country, with many politicians, the media, the judiciary, and the wealthy and influential, thinking that they need to protect ignorant leave voters from the consequences of their stupid actions. Leave voters are neither ignorant nor stupid, we know what we voted for. British politics needs to change for the better.

The EU started as a free trade organisation. It has become an expensive, undemocratic, protectionist club, dominated by Germany and France. It is heading uncontrollably towards closer and closer political and economic union. We should return to a simpler free trade relationship with our nearest neighbours, collaborating on areas of mutual benefit, protecting citizen’s rights, and trading with the rest of the world. A clean break Brexit is the quickest way to achieve this.


The North-East has a great future outside of the EU. We need to ensure that promised investment actually happens and that it then continues. This investment needs to reach all areas of the North-East, not just the big cities. County Durham still has many problems arising from the decline of traditional industries and under-investment, and these need addressing. As part of this, local MPs have to shout the praises of their constituencies from the rooftops. Unfortunately, all you hear from most of them is political point-scoring about cuts, job losses, deprivation, food banks, failing hospitals and failing schools. This negativity is unlikely to attract the very investment they claim to want, and they need to be removed from Westminster.


In North-West Durham, 55% of people voted to leave the EU. This vote has simply been ignored by our MP. If elected, I will take this and any other democratically expressed views of the voters of North-West Durham to Westminster, and with the help of like-minded people, I will make them heard.

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