• John Wolstenholme

Democrats deliver our leaflets, not millionaires.

Brexit Party supporters are out there delivering leaflets as I type. Unlike other Parties, all of my leaflets/newspapers are being personally delivered to your door by an unpaid supporter who actually believes in Brexit and Democracy.

I was out in Crook on Wednesday. Yesterday I was in Esh, Quebec, Wilk's Hill, Cornsay Colliery and 'our' bit of Esh Winning. Today is the turn of Langley Park. So much support out there. One lovely lady in Crook banged on her window at me. I thought she was annoyed about something, but she just wanted to meet me and thank me for standing. Again and again, I hear the same message 'I won't vote Labour, it's not the Labour Party that I used to support, I can't vote Tory, but I will vote for you!' I also get to meet a lot of postmen and women, who seem a cheerful lot. They ask me which billionaire is paying for all the LibDem leaflets that they are delivering. I wonder too, my letterbox is full of them. Has anybody got the answer?

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