• John Wolstenholme

North West Durham Hustings 2019

Last night in Lanchester, the first and last hustings of the campaign, went well. As predicted, it was a bit dominated by Labour supporters. They sneered and scowled at Richard Holden as soon as he stood up, cheered Laura Pidcock at every turn and mostly left the rest of us to say our piece. I received a considerably warmer response to my position than I had expected. Hopefully, a few undecided voters managed to get tickets, and were influenced by what I said. One attendee said afterwards that I wasn't like a typical Brexit Party candidate. I said that none of the local Brexit Party candidates are like a typical Brexit Party candidate, or at least not the stereotype that is portrayed in some parts of the Twittersphere. I took it as a compliment. Thanks to Jonathan at the Cricket Club for organising and chairing the evening so well. Now on to the real vote!!!

Merry Christmas


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